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Biomedical Servicing and Repair in the Greater Boston Area

Proper maintenance of biomedical equipment is important to the success of any medical practice, whether it is used in an office, clinic, urgent care center or hospital. Biomedical service in Boston and the surrounding area from services like Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service is crucial to the provide doctors, nurses, and all other healthcare professionals with the tools that they need to monitor and care for patient health. From the emergency room to the surgical table, if your medical equipment fails in any way, the quality of care provided is diminished. Preventive maintenance and ongoing Boston servicing and repair are required to protect patient safety and provide medical professionals with the tools required to offer excellent care.

Safety First
Working with a medical sales and service provider that you trust is essential to the success of your practice, clinic or hospital. Preventive maintenance programs, as well as emergency repairs, can help to keep everything working as it should and effectively equip your staff with the equipment that they need. Busy clinics and hospitals can better manage biomedical service in Boston and the surrounding area when a preventive service contract is in place. Equipment can get tested, repaired, and certified according to state and federal regulations in a timely and efficient manner. This helps administrators to stay on top of safety requirements while ensuring comprehensive care for all patients.

Another benefit of routine inspections and maintenance is that small issues can be discovered early enough to allow for repair. In some cases, if a problem is allowed to continue, not only will the device or equipment not be accurate, but it could also break down completely, requiring replacement. The best way to prevent malfunctioning or failing devices is to work with Greater Boston servicing and repair to ensure that every piece of equipment on-site is functioning and working as it should. Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service is an authorized dealer and service provider for some of the industry’s top brands. You can count on our medical sales and service team to provide you with top quality results.

Effective & Efficient Management
When you hire a biomedical service in Boston and the surrounding area to provide you with a preventive maintenance program for all essential equipment and medical devices, you help your entire facility to operate more effectively and efficiently. We offer our clients access to a proprietary client access portal, which helps to monitor repairs and work that is being done while offering tracking tools that can be used to determine when equipment is due to be returned. We designed our own in-house software program to provide more comprehensive data to our clients, making a very powerful tool available to help them streamline their own tracking and information requirements.

Being proactive in this approach has lots of advantages. When you sign on to work with Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service, you can make plans for equipment servicing and repair on your terms. By getting ahead of small issues before they become big problems, you can effectively reduce the amount of downtime required to get equipment back on track without having to compromise the needs of your patients. We also offer loaner or rental equipment that can be used in case of an emergency situation through our Greater Boston servicing and repair program. Make sure to ask about loaner equipment when you contact our medical sales and service team.

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Founded in 2002, we have provided top quality biomedical service in Boston and the surrounding area to clients in many different areas of the medical industry. We offer a broad range of services, including the sales or new and reconditioned biomedical equipment to medical offices, clinics, emergency rooms, urgent care centers, surgical centers, and hospitals. Our mission is to provide unmatched customer service to our clients from the first point of contact all the way to delivery. We work with you to meet your unique needs and strive to have your equipment delivered, set-up and running as quickly as possible to ensure compliance.

Give us a call toll-free at 1-877-995-1117 to get a FREE estimate for any of our professional biomedical services. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians can assist you with a variety of Boston servicing and repair. Whether you need biomedical sales and service for centrifuges, diagnostic equipment, and digital scales or hyfrecators, hand-held dopplers and autoclaves, we can help you to achieve your goals. Call today and see why so many clients in the Greater Boston area trust Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service for all of their biomedical sales and service needs.