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Greater Boston Preventive Maintenance: Bio-Medical Equipment

In the medical industry, we tend to abbreviate the things that we use most so we can quickly convey their importance to one another. So consider the term preventive maintenance, which is known simply as PM in the industry. Two tiny initials that mean so much to the longevity, accuracy, safety, and importance of medical equipment management. Not only is PM or a preventive maintenance program required as part of an overall approach to bio-medical maintenance in Massachusetts and across the country, but it’s just smart business.

Many times, a medical practice, clinic, surgery center or hospital that relies on bio-medical equipment for the day-to-day care of patients will work closely with a single source for medical sales and service. In most cases, that medical sales and service company will also offer some type of preventive maintenance program. For medical facilities in the Greater Boston area, that company is Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service. Our team is trained and certified to work with the top brand names of bio-medical equipment in the country and we are proud to serve as the exclusive North East USA authorized distributor for Pronk Technologies.

What is a Preventive Maintenance Program?
Simply defined by the United States government, a preventive maintenance program provides for the care and servicing of medical equipment by trained personnel “for the purpose of maintaining equipment and facilities in satisfactory operating condition.” The PM of bio-medical equipment must include provisions for “systematic inspection, detection, and correction” to prevent failures from occurring, or to prevent small issues from becoming larger problems or defects. The medical equipment manager is responsible for making sure that all of the bio-medical maintenance in Massachusetts is maintained and that records are accurately kept.

To streamline the process, it pays to work with a company that will provide you with the tools you need to stay on top of medical equipment management. Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service provides service programs that ensure the regular servicing of bio-medical equipment as required by the healthcare industry and government regulations. These regulations are designed to ensure that all of the equipment that is used to treat patients is working accurately and effectively. We offer ongoing service contracts that are designed with busy clinics, practices, and hospitals in mind, helping medical equipment managers to stay on top of required maintenance and repairs.

Gaining Control Over PM Services
One of the best ways that we can help administrators to gain control over medical equipment management and bio-medical maintenance in Massachusetts is to provide them with a powerful tool that they can use to check on the status of the equipment that is being serviced and repaired. The Client Access Portal is a proprietary software program that we offer exclusively to our clients. Our goal is to keep the needs of our clients in mind, providing them new and innovative ways to improve the services that we offer to them as part of our overall preventive maintenance program. The Client Access Portal helps us to keep our clients informed of the status of each piece of equipment that is being serviced as part of regular preventive maintenance (PM) or for equipment that is out due to repairs.

The Client Access Portal is our own custom system that was designed expressly for the purpose of providing our clients with above-and-beyond services to meet or exceed their expectations of a preventive maintenance program. In addition to providing medical sales and service, we feel that a more comprehensive approach to working with our clients is in order. Instead of purchasing an “off the shelf” software program that was generically designed for use by professionals to keep track of equipment maintenance, we designed the Client Access Portal to provide the specific data and vital information that our clients need to gain control over bio-medical maintenance in Massachusetts and the North East USA region.

Contact Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service
If you are in need of a preventive maintenance program or medical sales and service in the Greater Boston area, give us a call toll-free at 1-877-995-11117. We provide medical equipment management, maintenance, servicing, and repair for bio-medical equipment from all the top names in the industry. Give us a call to learn more about the services we provide or to request service or bio-medical maintenance in Massachusetts and the surrounding area.