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Massachusetts Service & Repair: Surgical Equipment Sharpening

While you will see a lot of information regarding servicing and repair of new, used and reconditioned equipment, one of the most important areas of any practice, clinic, surgical center or hospital is surgical equipment sharpening. When you contact our biomedical service in Boston or the surrounding area, we can provide you with a broad range of services that can help you maximize the life of your equipment. We also offer New England medical supply of new and reconditioned equipment, helping you to ensure that you have everything you need to provide quality life-saving services to your patients. Sharpening services for surgical, medical, and dental instruments is part of the overall Massachusetts service and repair that we offer to our clients.

Sharpening Ensures Proper Function
Medical professionals require tools and instruments that function properly to effectively do their job. It is next to impossible to perform surgery or a medical procedure with instruments that are not consistently sharp or aligned properly. These services need to be performed regularly, not just to increase the return on investment for these expensive pieces of equipment, but also to ensure that they will be in good condition when needed to perform services for patients. Today’s medical facilities are extremely busy and can no longer wait weeks or months for repair and replace services from surgical instrument manufacturers. Instead, most now rely on trusted biomedical services in Boston to take care of these sharpening and minor repair services for them.

Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service can provide sharpening and alignment services for complete trays and equipment sets quickly and efficiently. This can help you to reduce overhead previously required by the need to keep extra sets of surgical instruments on hand during maintenance services. While it is still a great idea to have back-up instruments on hand, it is no longer necessary to keep multiple sets of complete trays in the store room, as much of the sharpening, alignment and repair services can be performed quickly by our team of highly trained technicians. We offer dental, medical and surgical instrument sharpening and restoration services for a wide range of medical instruments, including clipper blades, scalpels, osteotomes, surgical scissors, and kerrison rongeurs.

Quality Sharpening Services
You wouldn’t just trust Massachusetts service and repair for biomedical equipment to just any service provider, and you shouldn’t trust sharpening services for your surgical equipment to just any New England medical supply company. Stat Bio-Medical has many years of experience providing sales of new and reconditioned equipment, as well as quality biomedical service in Boston and the surrounding area. You can trust that all of the work we do is carried out by qualified and highly trained technicians. All of the work that we do is quality inspected and professionally polished before it gets returned to the client. Sharpening helps to increase the life of your surgical equipment, helping it to last longer and reduce overhead for replacements in the process.

The goal of sharpening services is to provide our clients with quality instruments that are in the very best condition possible so they can perform quality services for their patients. We understand that the work we do is extremely important and that poor quality instruments can negatively impact the services provided to patients, many of whom are in an emergency or life-threatening situation. We also work to save our clients time and money, protecting their investment in quality surgical instruments, so they will be able to perform valuable services for the clients that they serve. Consider the cost of sharpening and alignment services as opposed to the cost of replacement. You will immediately see the value in hiring our biomedical service in Boston to perform these services for you.

Contact Stat Bio-Medical Service in Boston
Our team offers many different services to assist our clients in the ongoing service, preventive maintenance, and repair of essential equipment. Our professional services can help improve the performance of biomedical equipment, offering all of the required safety inspections and care required by the medical industry and federal law. Our New England medical supply sales services helps our clients to have the very latest in medical, dental, and surgical equipment. Give us a call toll-free at 1-877-995-1117 to speak with one of our customer service agents to learn more about surgical equipment sharpening or any of our other biomedical service opportunities.