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Pronk Technologies

Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service is the exclusive North East USA Authorized Representative for Pronk Technologies.

As the exclusive North East USA Authorized Representative for Pronk Technologies, Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service is proud to partner with an organization that has built a solid reputation within the biomedical industry as a designer and manufacturer of specialized diagnostic tools. Pronk Technologies currently holds seventeen patents worldwide for the development of innovative products that are portable, affordable, rugged, reliable, and easy to use.

Established in 1998, Pronk Technologies was launched by a team of innovators who have over 40 years of combined experience in the design, production, and support of vital signs monitors and patient simulators. With expertise in the area of NIBP algorithm design, in particular, a patented algorithm that has already been installed in tens of thousands of units and is used in hospitals worldwide, their experience also extends to the design and development of wireless products for the biomedical field.

NIBP Simulators and Adapters, Pulse Oximeter Simulators, Multi-Parameter Simulators, IV Pump Analyzers and Accessories, Educational Simulators, IBP Adapters, and new products, which include the OX-2 OxSlim Flexô SpO2 Pulse Oximeter Simulator, FlowTrax Data Snap, and HydroBalance. Visit the Pronk Technologies website for more details on the products and services they provide or contact Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service as your exclusive North East USA authorized representative to learn more about these innovative products.