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Save Money: Medical Upholstery Repair in Greater Boston Area

Starting a brand new medical practice or dental office can be much more costly than most people realize. When you factor in just the desks, computers, peripherals, and furniture, we’re talking a very substantial investment. Some clinics are fortunate and find a bio-medical sales and service company that sells reconditioned equipment, such as medical exam tables, treatment room furniture, and other essentials. However, most will be forced to purchase brand new equipment. Unfortunately, whether the equipment is new or used, the daily wear and tear of seating patients, providing treatments, and regular sanitizing can cause damage that will require either repair or replacement.

Repair vs. Replacement
While it would be nice to say that cost has nothing to do with the decisions that are made at a medical or dental clinic, the truth is that when it comes right down to it, it is still a business. Expenses take away from any profits that are made, minus monthly overhead for building space, supplies, staff, utilities, and other necessities, making it difficult to have to reinvest in brand new equipment after just purchasing it in the first place. If there are rips, tears, punctures, and other marks on your leather, vinyl or fabric furniture, you need to do something about it right away before it gets worse.

Bio-medical maintenance in Massachusetts provides a lot of valuable services to medical and dental practices. For example, Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service sells brand new and used medical equipment, provides preventive maintenance servicing, offers repairs and emergency repairs, and performs a lot of other services that are helpful to practices, clinics, and hospitals of all sizes. For clients who are in need of repairs to upholstery for new or reconditioned equipment, our technicians can provide help there, too. If you are in need of medical equipment servicing that includes upholstery repair, you can trust the team at Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service to get the job done right.

Choosing to repair upholstery instead of replacing the furniture will save you as much as 90 percent in equipment costs. Don’t allow your ripped, torn, burned, scratched, marked or punctured exam tables and treatment furniture make a bad impression on your patients any longer. Call Stat Bio-medical Sales & Service for immediate repairs.

Equipment of All Kinds
So you might be wondering what type of equipment can be repaired for medical and dental offices. When you think about all of the furniture that is used, such as waiting rooms, office areas, examination rooms, and treatment rooms, you need to know who you can call to take care of your medical equipment servicing. Repair technology has improved greatly in recent years, but the technique is what you need to have reconditioned equipment that looks like new.

Some of the types of furniture that can be fixed with upholstery repair include:

  • examination tables
  • waiting room furniture
  • treatment tables and chairs
  • dental chairs
  • rolling stools
  • office chairs

Just make sure you work with a company that can provide you with the services for bio-medical maintenance in Massachusetts that you need to meet your requirements. It pays to find the right service and technicians for the job. Remember, this is a major investment for your medical or dental practice, so you don’t want to trust it to just anybody. At Bio-Medical Sales & Service we are upholstery cleaning and repair experts. The work we do isn’t just aesthetic; it helps to keep your office safe. Torn surfaces can cause the underlying foam padding to carry dangerous bacteria, which can transfer from patient to patient, compromising the safety of your office.

Call Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service for Upholstery Repair
If you have a medical or dental office in the Greater Boston area or anywhere in the North East USA region, contact our team of highly trained repair technicians and upholstery experts to take care of all your medical equipment servicing needs. We can also sell new or reconditioned equipment, as well as provide preventive bio-medical maintenance in Massachusetts and the surrounding area. Give us a call toll-free at 1-877-995-1117 and ask about setting an appointment or getting a FREE quote for any of our professional services.