Get a Preventive Maintenance Program for Biomedical Equipment

preventive maintenance programWhen it comes to protecting any investment of significant value, such as a personal automobile or real estate property, it is agreed that a preventive approach is best. So why is it that so many physicians, medical practices, clinics, dentists, and hospital administrators prefer to perform biomedical maintenance reactively instead of proactively? Today’s high-tech biomedical equipment can be costly. Much of it is sensitive and highly regulated by both the medical industry and the federal government. Annual testing, biomedical calibration services, and manufacturer recommended servicing is required to effectively maintain the safety, accuracy, and reliability of this valuable machinery. A preventive maintenance program with a reputable provider is the best way to ensure that you maximize the return on your investment and protect the safety of your patients, staff, and other visitors to your facility.

Top Reasons to Get a Preventive Maintenance Program

The whole point of any preventive maintenance program is to ensure that the biomedical maintenance is performed when it is required and that biomedical calibration services are completed on schedule. The ultimate goal is to make sure the equipment is in proper working order, safe to operate, reliable, and accurate, to reduce any risk posed to patients, staff, and other visitors. In addition, there are many other reasons that it is in your best interest to sign up for a preventive maintenance program, whether you require autoclave repair services or required inspections and testing for diagnostic equipment.

Reason #1 – Cost Savings

Ask any hospital administrator or medical office manager, and they will tell you that the cost of preventive maintenance services is much less than emergency repairs, downtime, or equipment failure. Having to replace biomedical equipment that could have lasted for many more years with proper services can be extremely frustrating. It is also very expensive and can cause a ripple effect of problems for an already tight operating budget. The manufacturer recommends certain services to be performed at various stages throughout the lifetime of the biomedical equipment. If you do not follow those recommendations, you run the risk of costly repairs and other related problems.

Reason #2 – Safety Purposes

While we already covered the safety issue concerning a preventive maintenance program, it cannot be stated enough. The safety of your patients and the ability of your staff to provide quality, accurate, and effective treatments and care should be your number one priority. The safety of your staff should also be at the top of your list. Operating equipment that has not been properly serviced can result in serious injuries. Biomedical maintenance is one of the most crucial services that is necessary for any medical office, clinic, center, hospital, or dental practice. When you think about the care that your team provides to patients with the equipment in question, you begin to see why annual testing and biomedical calibration services are so important.

Reason #3 – Efficiency

The term “efficient” can mean two things when related to biomedical equipment. Efficient can refer to the efficiency of the machinery, the way that it performs as designed, and the results that it provides. Efficient can also refer to energy consumption. A properly calibrated and serviced machine will use less energy during operation, saving your medical practice or hospital in utility costs throughout the year. A preventive maintenance program will ensure that your equipment is running safely, effectively, and efficiently. Efficiency should be a priority in the medical field for many reasons, particularly when it comes to providing patient services.

Reason #4 – Liabilities

There are federal laws and regulations pertaining to the safety and performance of biomedical equipment. New requirements were applied recently that require “all planned maintenance activities on medical equipment – regardless of risk – must be completed 100 percent and on time.” That doesn’t leave a lot of leeway for administrators and managers who like to take a reactive approach to biomedical maintenance. To protect your practice, physicians, and staff from liability, your preventive maintenance program should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for routine maintenance. This will help your facility comply with industry and government requirements.

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