Medical Equipment Sales for Practices, Clinics, and Hospitals

medical equipment salesThe company that you deal with to purchase biomedical equipment is just as important as the brand names and products that you choose. When it comes to biomedical sales and service of equipment that you use to provide patient services and treatments, a high standard of care and service is required. Medical device sales are available just about anywhere today, thanks to the expansion of industry products online. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to gauge the quality of the equipment that you are purchasing through online medical equipment sales or even face-to-face with representatives from unknown or unproven companies.

Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service has provided top-quality medical device sales and comprehensive services to the medical and dental community for more than 17 years. We have a solid reputation for our professional services in the North East USA region, which is where our company initially launched, and in all the nationwide areas that we have expanded to since. We take pride in our ability to recruit and retain the best sales team and technicians who are very knowledgeable in the type of medical equipment sales that we specialize in for our clients. We work with all the major brands, offer specialized services, and can establish a preventive servicing program for new and existing clients.

New Biomedical Equipment Sales

For those who wish to purchase brand biomedical equipment that is brand new, our team can help you to get the latest and greatest models of top industry products. We carry a wide range of equipment, including autoclaves, digital scales, microscopes and colposcopes, EKG monitors, SPO2 handheld devices and monitors, as well as a whole list of other products in-demand by our clients. Blood pressure equipment, adult and pediatric beam scales, centrifuges, diagnostic equipment, and digital thermometers are also popular choices as well. If you require lighting equipment, power and manual exam tables, hyfrecators, or hand-held dopplers, make sure to contact our team for support.

You can see a full list of biomedical sales and service equipment available through Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service on our website. We even have a complete list of all the top brands that we work with both for medical device sales and services through our highly trained technicians and certified inspectors. If you need new medical equipment sales or would like to set up a strategic preventive maintenance program for any of the latest equipment that you have purchased through our team, make sure to contact us right away to discuss your options. We can also provide you with access to our proprietary Client Access Portal software to help you keep track of servicing needs and performance for required reporting and records.

Reconditioned (Used) Medical Equipment Sales

Many of our clients come to us to purchase biomedical equipment that is more affordable to line up with budgetary constraints. This could be to an emergency failure of existing equipment or of a need to quickly expand their pool of equipment as their practice or clinic experiences a sudden growth. Whatever the reason, Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service also offers medical device sales of reconditioned or used equipment. If we do not have the equipment that you need in stock, we will acquire it for you at no additional cost. From autoclaves to vacuum pumps and everything in between, our team can provide you with medical equipment sales for all makes and models of the top industry biomedical products.

It is essential to understand that there are many different levels of used equipment. Our team does not deal with old, non-working, and abandoned equipment. The products that we sell to our clients are used but have been reconditioned to meet all of the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency standards required by the healthcare industry and government regulations. Our used equipment is in good condition and can be used right away in your practice, center, clinic, hospital, or other medical facilities to provide quality patient care and services. The equipment is cleaned inside and out, worn parts are replaced with new manufacturer parts, and the equipment is tested and calibrated until the parameters fall within required levels. There are many advantages to choosing used biomedical sales and service for your medical facility.

If you are interested in learning more about our new and used medical equipment sales, contact our team toll-free by calling 1-877-995-1117. We can answer any questions that you might have about how to purchase biomedical equipment through Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service or provide options regarding our preventive maintenance programs for new and used medical device sales. Call today to get a FREE quote for any of the professional services that we provide at our national locations.