Welch Allyn Repairs and Services

Stat Bio-Medical is a Welch Allyn Gold License Service Technician

While Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service provides reliable repairs and services for all of the top biomedical equipment brands in the industry, we offer specialized services for Welch Allyn products. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians have gone above and beyond to receive Welch Allyn Gold License certification to manage and maintain supported Welch Allyn products. Our technicians are also authorized to calibrate, service, and repair several top model Welch Allyn EKG machines.

Comprehensive, quality preventive maintenance, service, repair, calibration, and electrical safety testing is a must when it comes to proper care of quality Welch Allyn biomedical equipment. Not only will this help to increase the return on your investment, ensuring that your biomedical equipment will provide quality service for many years, but it also protects your patients, staff, and any visitors at your medical office or facility.

What is Welch Allyn Gold License Service?

A Welch Allyn training course is required to provide Gold License service and repair. This program is designed to offer support for updates, upgrades, management, and maintenance for all supported Welch Allyn products. The Gold License is required to perform functional verification and calibration. This additional license can only be obtained through Welch Allyn to guarantee quality and professional service.

Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service offers Welch Allyn Gold Service for the following products:

  • Connex Spot Monitor
  • CVSM 6000
  • VSM 300 Series
  • Spot Vital Signs
  • Spot LXi Vital Signs
  • Pro-BP Verification
  • CIWS
  • 420 Spot Vital Signs Monitor

Welch Allyn Calibration, Service, and Repair

In addition to our Gold Service opportunities, our technicians are also trained and experienced in providing a wide range of preventive maintenance, calibration, service, and repair options for Welch Allyn biomedical equipment. Calibration checks are required to meet industry specifications and ensure proper performance. Our technicians can work with you to establish a beneficial preventive maintenance program designed to meet the specific needs and requirements for your Welch Allyn products so you can focus on providing quality patient care and treatment services.

Some of the Welch Allyn products that we service include:

  • CP150 Resting ECG Repair (CP150REPW-TRN)
  • CP150 Resting ECG w/Spirometry Repair (CP150SPIROREPW-TRN)
  • CP50 ECG Resting Repair (CP50REPW-TRN)

Contact Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service for Welch Allyn Services

To learn more about the services that we offer specifically for Welch Allyn products, including Welch Allyn Gold License services, give our team a call at 1-877-995-1117. We can answer any questions that you might have about our preventive maintenance program, emergency repair, calibration, and servicing options for biomedical equipment at any of our regional service locations. Our mission is to provide top quality biomedical services designed to exceed industry standards to help our clients stay on top of equipment maintenance and management requirements. Call today for a FREE quote or to inquire about any of the professional services that we provide.

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