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Arizona Annual Testing and Services for Biomedical Equipment

Annual Testing and Services for Biomedical Equipment in ArizonaGovernment agencies and the healthcare industry as a whole require annual testing and services for all biomedical equipment. The standards that are set work to ensure compliance for the safety of all patients, staff, and visitors to medical practices, dental offices, surgical centers, clinics, hospitals and all other medical facilities. Administrators and managers are responsible for making sure that biomedical calibration services are taken care of according to schedule to meet all requirements. In Arizona, local Tucson medical equipment servicing and Greater Phoenix biomedical equipment calibrations must be done by a certified technician to maintain compliance.

Above & Beyond Industry Regulations

The services that we provide through Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service are designed to exceed the standards that are required by various regulations, such as the National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 99. We also strive to meet or exceed industry standards set by organizations that include the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Joint Commision on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), and the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA). Our technicians are highly trained and experienced, as well as authorized to provide these valuable services.

The requirements set by industry regulations and government organizations set the standards for responsibilities of administrators to establish policies and protocols regarding the testing and calibration of electrical appliances and equipment that are used within the patient care facility. Biomedical calibration services through a trusted provider are extremely important to the status of your medical facility. This is why annual testing and services are essential for medical facilities in Arizona and across the country. Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service can assist with Tucson medical equipment servicing and Phoenix biomedical equipment testing to help busy administrators stay compliant.

Why is Calibration Needed?

In addition to annual testing and services for preventive maintenance, biomedical calibration services are also required. Medical equipment is prone to normal wear and tear, just like other types of equipment. Unfortunately, this can impact the accuracy or effectiveness of the biomedical equipment if it is not regularly calibrated to meet industry standards and the manufacturer’s recommendations. This is the only way to minimize risks and ensure effectiveness. In addition to providing safe use for patients, staff, and all visitors to the facility, calibration of Phoenix biomedical equipment is also necessary for medical facilities to receive all of the necessary licenses and certifications from regulatory agencies.

The frequency of calibration will depend on the individual piece of equipment and the scope and scale of its use. The best way to make sure that biomedical calibration services are done according to requirements is to create a schedule. That schedule must be based on the manufacturer’s recommended frequency, before or after a critical measuring project, after an unforeseen accident, and at pre-determined intervals. However, the best way to make sure that all annual testing and services are done on time and according to requirements is to work with a reputable company like Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service. Take advantage of all the benefits associated with outsourcing this work, including our Client Access Portal.

What is the Client Access Portal?

Instead of providing our clients with a simple “off the shelf” software system that was designed for use with multiple industries, we created our own proprietary system that gives them the power and control they need to monitor all of their Greater Phoenix biomedical equipment servicing. Instead of the administrator having to create a schedule or add data to a spreadsheet by hand, our Client Access Portal provides them all of the information they need to complete reports and stay on top of biomedical calibration services.

Administrators can view the service history for each piece of equipment or request appointments from the portal. They can also view data regarding previous and upcoming inspections or send new service requests directly to our staff. All account information can be viewed as well, such as payment history, outstanding balances, and the option to update contact information. Instead of having to make a phone call or create your own report, you can take advantage of this powerful tool to do it all for you!

Contact Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service for all of your Arizona annual testing services. You can reach our team toll-free at 1-877-995-1117 to get more information, schedule a consultation, or request an appointment for Greater Phoenix or Tucson medical equipment servicing.