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How to Establish a Budget for Bio-Medical Maintenance in MA

Bio-Medical Maintenance in MassachusettsThe cost of medical equipment for any medical facility, surgical center, practice, or hospital can be overwhelming. Industry statistics estimate the costs for medical equipment purchasing, repairs, annual testing and services for bio-medical maintenance in Massachusetts to be anywhere between 10-40 percent of the entire facility budget. New technologies and complex medical equipment calibration for sensitive devices can increase that percentage significantly, depending on the demands for patient care. Whether you are outfitting a brand new clinic or updating outdated equipment, the secret to keeping everything under control is to establish a realistic budget.

Cutting Costs When Possible

While you don’t want to go cheap when it comes to medical equipment and essential devices, one of the ways to reduce costs when purchasing equipment is to consider used or reconditioned options. Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service provides clients with options for both new and used bio-medical equipment made by all the top names in the business. Choose from a wide selection of options and match that with a preventive maintenance contract to help keep costs down for emergency repairs, replacements, annual testing and services required by industry and government regulations.

If you are taking on a new project for an existing facility, it can be helpful to enlist the services of a company like Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service that is experienced in bio-medical maintenance in Massachusetts and the surrounding area. We can help you assess the equipment that you already have to determine if it can be reused, reconditioned, repaired, or if it needs to be replaced. This can offer significant savings and help you to reduce the need for essential equipment that is needed on a daily basis to provide basic patient care and treatment services. Any money saved can be reallocated into the budget to purchase new equipment or advanced technology to increase opportunities for patient services.

Create a Conceptual Budget

Before you even get close to establishing a finalized budget that will be submitted for approval and used as a guide for purchasing or reconditioning biomedical equipment, you need to start with a conceptual budget. This budget is sort of like a first-draft version that itemizes the projected costs by department, noting big-ticket items, essential machinery, and other costs associated with the equipment, such as a preventive maintenance contract and any required annual testing and services for OSHA, JC, CLIA, and NFPA 99 standard guidelines.

All of the information included in the conceptual budget for equipment purchasing and bio-medical maintenance in Massachusetts can be used to create the final budget. Data can also be used throughout the development phase to discuss the pros and cons, weigh benefits, consider delays for certain types of equipment, and make informed decisions. Having a conceptual budget available that can be used to quickly access information is extremely helpful when it comes time to sit down and finish the final budget that will be used for the rest of the purchasing project.

Strategies to Reduce Budget Needs

Turning to resources like Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service for the purchase of used or reconditioned equipment can be very helpful when establishing a budget. However, other strategies can also be employed, to show cost reductions in other areas, such as medical equipment calibration requirements, preventive maintenance contract costs, and other ways to save. Some equipment will require more work to be done for annual testing and services than others, increasing the overall cost for the machinery throughout its lifetime. Working with a trusted vendor can help you to identify ongoing costs and boost savings in a whole new way, helping to create a more comprehensive plan for the future.

Consider alternate brands, find out if repairs to existing biomedical equipment might make more budget sense than replacing, or look at other options that will help to maximize the return on your investment. Volume purchases of standardized equipment or specific manufacturer machinery can sometimes yield savings for new facilities. Make sure to speak with your sales representative to find out if there is any benefit to making bigger purchases upfront than to do it over time.

Ready to purchase equipment or sign up for a preventive maintenance contract? Contact Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service anywhere in the New England area to speak with a representative about your specific needs. Whether you require annual testing and services, bio-medical maintenance, medical equipment calibration or emergency repairs, our team can help you to achieve your goals and meet your budgetary needs.