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Why You Need a Bio-Medical Sales & Service Contract in Alabama

Bio-Medical Sales and Service in AlabamaEverything has been working out just fine for your medical practice with your current approach of just calling in medical equipment servicing on an as-needed basis, but what will happen if your biomedical equipment begins to break down? Annual testing and services, as well as meeting requirements for medical equipment management, become more complex and time-intensive as your practice grows.

Bio-medical sales and service is an integral part of providing patient care, but if your equipment is not repaired or inspected on a regular basis for proper maintenance, how can you expect to deliver consistent or effective services? The best way to ensure that your patients are properly cared for and that your staff is safe using your equipment is to get a preventive maintenance program through a trusted provider.

Taking a Proactive Approach to Maintenance

Instead of having to contact our team for emergency repairs when something breaks down, the best way to provide quality medical equipment management for your practice or clinic is to take a proactive approach. That means working with a medical equipment service company like Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service in Alabama and the surrounding southeastern region. Our team is highly trained, certified, and authorized to provide services for all the top industry brands of biomedical equipment throughout the United States.

If you experience a failure or breakdown for an important piece of equipment, such as blood pressure equipment or EKG monitors, you need to get services right away. However, preventive services, which include annual testing and services that are already required by industry and government regulations, can reduce emergency situations. We also have loaner equipment opportunities in certain situations to ensure that you have the equipment you need to provide proper care to your patients while repairs are being made.

Managing Professional Services

Part of medical equipment management is keeping track of your equipment when it was repaired and serviced, as well as the ongoing performance of the equipment itself. At Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service, we provide our clients with a valuable tool that they can use to assist with this type of management program. Our Client Access Portal is a proprietary software program designed specifically to help clients check the status of servicing and repairs across the board. We are very proud of the opportunity that this provides to our clients to keep a careful watch on all of their essential biomedical equipment.

Unlike other standard systems that were likely designed for other industries and later adapted for biomedical equipment, our system is a custom program that was created to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. View previous and upcoming inspection histories, request new services, view the entire service history for a particular piece of equipment, and request appointments for new equipment all with this one tool. Make sure to take advantage of this intuitive program to help you maintain the records necessary to meet industry requirements and government regulations.

Annual Testing and Services

In addition to regular medical equipment servicing and emergency repairs, annual testing and services are also required to ensure quality care and safety for patients, staff, and visitors to your facility. We understand how difficult it can be for Alabama practices, clinics, and hospitals to meet all of these requirements and keep track of the services that need to be done. When you sign-up for a bio-medical sales and service contract with our team, we will help you take control over all of the administrative duties required for proper medical equipment management and servicing.

Performance testing, safety testing, and annual calibration of biomedical equipment are available to help our clients meet all of the legal obligations that are defined in the NFPA code 99 standards. NFPA 99 has established specific criteria for various levels of health care services and equipment based on the risk that it poses to patients, staff, and visitors. This is designed to minimize the risk associated with fire, explosion, electricity, and other potential hazards. We can assist in meeting the requirements for inspection, testing, installation, maintenance, performance, and safe practices for all facilities, materials, equipment, and appliances, including medical gas and vacuum systems.

If you would like to learn more about our medical equipment management, preventive maintenance, or annual testing and services options for the Greater Alabama area, give us a call toll-free at 1-877-995-1117. Our team will be happy to answer any questions that you might have about medical equipment servicing at Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service.