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Who to Call: Emergency Biomedical Equipment Repair in Florida

Emergency Biomedical Repair in FloridaOffice managers and hospital administrators who are in charge of medical practices, clinics, hospitals, surgical centers, and other types of medical facilities are in charge of making sure that biomedical equipment is in excellent working condition. Emergency biomedical equipment repair is a necessary service when essential equipment breaks down without warning. However, providing preventive services for Florida Panhandle biomedical equipment or obtaining East Florida medical equipment serving can help to reduce emergency calls.

Hire a Quality Service Provider

The first step is to work with a provider that you can trust. You want a service that can help you out when you’re in trouble, but that is also reliable enough to take on preventive maintenance services as well. Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service works throughout the State of Florida, providing emergency repairs, preventive services, ongoing maintenance, calibration, and sales of both new and used biomedical equipment. We also have loaner equipment opportunities for clients who need something to use while they are waiting for parts or emergency biomedical equipment repair to be performed.

Our team of technicians is highly trained and experienced to handle a wide variety of servicing and repair calls. Emergency biomedical equipment repair can be a very serious situation, particularly for busy clinics and facilities that use the equipment on a daily basis to provide quality patient care. We provide our services to physicians, surgical centers, hospitals and clinics throughout the United States. We have locations throughout the southeastern states, including repair options for Florida Panhandle biomedical equipment and East Florida medical equipment servicing. Our comprehensive services are designed to exceed the standard guidelines set by OSHA, JCAHO, CLIA, and NFPA 99.

Top Industry Equipment

Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Services works with all of the top brand names in the biomedical industry. We do this to provide our clients with all of the services they require to maintain their essential equipment. We work on adult/pedi beam scales, centrifuges, hyfrecators, ultrasonic cleaners, EKG monitors, blood pressure equipment, digital scales, and many other types of equipment. We also offer emergency biomedical equipment repair, loaner equipment opportunities, and provide sales of both new and reconditioned equipment. Our ongoing maintenance services, annual testing, and calibration are designed to meet all of the most critical industry guidelines and government regulations.

Other types of equipment that we work with include microscopes and colposcopes, hand-held dopplers, vital sign monitors, stress systems, digital thermometers, power/manual exam tables, autoclaves, diagnostic equipment, lighting equipment, and SPO2 handheld/monitors. For a full list of biomedical equipment that we service and information about the service area that we reach in Florida and the rest of the southeastern region, give us a call toll-free at 1-877-995-1117. Our team will be happy to answer any questions that you might have about our emergency services and loaner equipment opportunities, as well as provide you with details about our preventive maintenance program.

Annual Safety Tests & Calibrations

In addition to emergency repairs, preventive services, and ongoing maintenance, we also provide services for annual electrical safety testing as defined in NFPA Code 99 standards, annual performance testing, and annual calibrations. We are authorized to work on all of the top brands in the industry for Florida Panhandle biomedical equipment and East Florida medical equipment servicing. NFPA 99 establishes criteria for levels of healthcare services or systems based on the potential risks posed to patients, staff, and visitors. The goal is to minimize hazards associated with fire, explosion, and electricity. The requirements of NFPA 99 address areas that include installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, performance, and safe practices. This consists of all medical facilities, materials, equipment, appliances, and specialty equipment, such as medical gas and vacuum systems.

The safety of your patients and staff is our number one priority. To better serve our clients, we offer a wide range of opportunities to meet all of your needs. From ongoing servicing to preventive maintenance and emergency repair, we are committed to providing professional services related to the performance of your biomedical equipment. Should the need arise, make sure to ask about our loaner equipment opportunities. We can even locate used, or reconditioned replacement equipment that you can purchase if you need a low-cost option to replace equipment that would cost too much to repair or that cannot be repaired. Give us a call at 1-877-995-1117 to speak with one of our customer service agents to learn more about all of the services available at Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Services.