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Boston Medical Sales: The Ritter M11 UltraClave® Automatic Sterilizer

Boston Medical Sales Ritter M11 UltraClaveStat Bio-Medical Sales & Service provides a wide variety of New England medical supply options to clients in the North East USA region. Our local Boston medical sales of new and reconditioned (used) equipment is a big part of the service that we provide. We also offer ongoing medical sales and service, preventive maintenance, emergency repairs, and calibration for more efficient equipment. New and used autoclave sales are very popular in the local area with hospitals, clinics, and dental facilities. Ritter is a trusted brand that we frequently sell to our customers.

Reliable & Simple to Use

The Ritter M11 UltraClave® Automatic Sterilizer features one of the largest chamber sizes of any tabletop sterilizer on the market. It has been designed to optimize output to reduce the time and effort required, without reducing its effectiveness. At Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service, we currently have new machines available, starting at $4,770 and used or reconditioned models, starting at $3,250. This model is very effective, and it is also extremely reliable and simple to use. All of the Ritter sterilizers are time-tested for reliability.

Straight-forward in its operation, all you need to do is load the Ritter M11 UltraClave® Automatic Sterilizer, set it, and forget it. The machine does the rest. Choose the cycle and time is automatically set for you. Press the “Start” button, and the sterilizer will fill with the proper volume of water. Sterilization is complete when the door opens automatically to dissipate the steam to provide a quick dry time. Much more reliable and cost-effective than other similar models, the Ritter M11 UltraClave® Automatic Sterilizer is extremely convenient. It is an excellent choice for any clinic, hospital, or practice.

Features of the Ritter M11 UltraClave®

One of the reasons why our New England medical supply sells so many of these machines in our new and used autoclave sales is because of its many features. Our Boston medical sales and service department provides quality machines and equipment to our customers throughout the North East USA region and beyond. Greater Boston medical sales at Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service includes a variety of brands and product types. Take a look at each product for a full description and specifications.

  • Self Program Controls – The Ritter M11 UltraClave® features fully programmable controls that can be used to create a variety of cycle parameters. Choose parameters based on your unique needs for sterilization. The user can change the time, temperature, dry time, and vent. Two programmable buttons are available to allow the user to store pre-set custom controls for future use.
  • Pre-Programmed Controls – Choose from four pre-programmed cycle controls. The cycles include unwrapped, pouched, packs, and handpiece, which is used for the sterilization of lumened devices or dental handpieces. Time and temperature rating for each pre-programmed cycle control is available in the product brochure and equipment instructions.
  • LCD Display – Easily see all of the selected cycles, temperatures, exposure time, and other programmed controls via the LCD display. Throughout the cycle, the display will feature messages that describe the status of the cycle. The remaining time of the sterilization mode will be displayed on the screen, along with temperature and pressure throughout the process.
  • Start & Stop Buttons – A cycle start button initiates the selected cycle, and the manual stop button is used to terminate the cycle or function.

A Great Choice for Your Practice

Why waste time with any other sterilizer when the Ritter M11 UltraClave® Automatic Sterilizer is so effective and efficient? Your time is important. This machine helps you to spend more time with your patients and less time sterilizing your equipment. When you contact Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service, make sure to ask about our new and used autoclave sales. Our Boston medical sales team has a wide variety of options available for our clients. We can even provide medical sales and service for all of your equipment, preventive maintenance solutions, and also sales of top quality New England Medical Supply.

If you are interested in the Ritter M11 UltraClave® Automatic Sterilizer or any of the other biomedical equipment we carry at Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service, give us a call toll-free at 1-877-995-1117. We can answer any questions that you might have or provide you with a quote for any of the services available for our clients in the North East USA region.