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Exam Table Upholstery Repair: Call the Upholstery Doctor Today

Medical Exam Table Upholstery RepairWhether you run a busy practice or are the administrator for an urgent care clinic, you know that the furniture used in your office, waiting room, and exam rooms takes a beating. With so many patients in and out, along with a lot of visitors and office staff moving about the facility, everything from waiting room chairs to exam tables gets a lot of use. The goal of any healthcare office or clinic is to provide quality care to patients, but it still must be run like a business if it is to be successful. Success means being able to treat more patients and provide greater care opportunities, so it should not be something that falls by the wayside. Making sure that you maximize the return on your investment for office, waiting room, and exam room furniture can help further your success. Staying on top of exam table upholstery repair issues before they become big problems can reduce costs even more.

Vinyl Medical Exam Table Covers

When it comes to upholstered furniture in a medical office, there are concerns beyond cosmetic. Sure, you want your office to create a positive impression on patients and other visitors, but there are health risks associated with torn, ripped, and damaged medical furniture. A simple tear in the surface can lead to bacterial or viral contamination of the underlying foam padding. Exam table upholstery repair can help busy practices, clinics, and hospitals to reduce costs while ensuring the health and safety of patients, visitors, and staff. It costs less to reupholster medical exam tables than it does to replace them with brand new versions, so it pays to hire an “upholstery doctor” to provide quality services.

Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service provides professional medical equipment upholstery repair and reupholstering services. We clean and restore exam tables, dental chairs, medical exam stools, waiting room furniture, office furniture, and other standard medical pieces to keep it in top shape. We utilize advanced equipment, products, and repair methods to provide our clients with services that will meet or exceed all of their expectations for the repair of vinyl medical exam table covers and surfaces. We come to your location to restore or repair your vinyl and leather upholstered furniture, eliminating scratches, scuffs, scrapes, gouges, rips, tears, and even color fading. Your upholstered furniture can look and perform like new again after using our upholstery doctor services at Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service.

Top Reasons to Repair Instead of Replace

The first and most obvious reason why medical practices, dental offices, surgical centers, clinics, and hospitals should choose to repair instead of replacing is cost. Instead of replacing that pricey exam table, consider the repair or reupholster of medical exam stables instead. The services associated with making exam table upholstery repair, restoration, and even reupholstery is typically a fraction of the cost compared to replacement. This is especially true when it comes to medical grade furniture, such as manual and power exam tables. If you have several pieces of waiting room furniture or office furniture that needs to be repaired, we can take care of it all for you in one visit. Compare the cost of replacing all of those items to making simple repairs that can extend the life of each chair or stool.

For practices and clinics that are focused on environmental responsibility, calling an upholstery doctor at Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service can help to lessen your carbon footprint. Tossing out furniture that could be repaired or restored is a waste, resulting in landfills that are overflowing nationwide. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), nearly 10 million tons of furniture finds its way into American landfills each year. By deciding to repair, restore, or reupholster medical exam tables and office furniture, you can help to reduce the amount of waste that your facility produces.

Another good reason to consider repairing and restoring vinyl medical exam table covers is that it can sometimes be challenging to find well-built pieces in today’s market. With so many companies cutting corners, if you have a quality set of waiting room furniture or professional exam tables that are aesthetically and functionally pleasing, why replace them? Take advantage of the solid, quality build of your existing furniture and choose to take advantage of our upholstery repair, restoration, and reupholstery services instead. You took your time choosing just the right pieces that compliment the rest of the decor in your office to make a good first impression. Hold onto those great-looking pieces and get the most out of your initial investment by choosing to repair scratches, gouges, tears, and other damage instead.

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Not sure if office furniture, waiting room chair, or exam table upholstery repair is right for you and your practice? Contact Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service to get a FREE estimate for any of our upholstery repair services. Whether you need repair or leather or vinyl medical exam table covers, office chairs, exam stools, or dental chairs, we can take a look at your furniture and provide you with a comprehensive quote. You can compare the costs to replacement and see which option works best with your budget. While you’re at it, consider our other essential services for biomedical equipment repair, refurbishing, and medical instrument sharpening. Give us a call toll-free at 1-877-995-1117 to speak with a representative and schedule an appointment for a FREE estimate today!