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Greater Boston Medical Sales: New & Used Biomedical Equipment

Greater Boston Medical SalesPurchasing used or reconditioned biomedical equipment can be a great way for medical practices, clinics, and hospitals to cut down on operating expenses. Biomedical sales and service can be expensive, but when you know who to call locally for your Boston medical sales, it is possible to save. Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service carries a wide range of brand new medical equipment, but we also carry used or reconditioned equipment as well.

Purchasing used autoclave sales from a trusted provider can help growing practices get the latest technology without completely blowing their equipment budget. There are actually many benefits associated with purchasing used or refurbished medical sales and service equipment in the Greater Boston area. We have many clients in medical, dental, surgical, and hospital settings who have used our reconditioned biomedical equipment to provide quality patient care.

A Fraction of the Cost

Compared to brand new equipment, used or reconditioned biomedical sales and service is a fraction of the cost. Small and large practices, old and new medical businesses, everyone has instances where saving money is extremely important. The savings from purchasing reconditioned Boston medical sales can trickle down to provide better opportunities for patients. Instead of completely decimating your budget, the used equipment allows you to have funds still to purchase additional equipment or supplies, as they are needed.

While not every purchase can include used or reconditioned medical sales and service, when the opportunity is available to save money, it’s a good idea to do it. Working with a trusted provider, such as Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service, takes the guesswork out of the equation. Not only will you have more flexibility in your budget for the rest of the fiscal year, but you will also be able to get newer, more updated equipment that you currently have in your office. State-of-the-art equipment is very costly, and many new or growing practices don’t have the funds to purchase it until it has been around awhile.

Quality Equipment & Services

Another advantage to purchasing reconditioned or used autoclave sales and sales of other refurbished medical equipment is the quality of the equipment itself. In many instances, once the equipment has been reconditioned or refurbished, it comes equipped with parts that are superior in quality than the parts that were originally used by the manufacturer. Working with a professional medical sales and service company that has many years of experience can help. In fact, many physicians, technicians, and other medical staff have reported that refurbished equipment provides many improvements that enhance the performance of the original machine.

Testing of used autoclave sales is required before it can be sold and purchased legally. So you know that the biomedical equipment you are buying is in great shape. Ask about warranties for used or reconditioned equipment, as they are sometimes available. If not, ask about medical sales and service contracts that can be used to effectively maintain the equipment for the long haul. Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service provides a broad range of biomedical sales and service in the North East USA region and beyond. Before you buy new, make sure to speak with our staff about options for used or reconditioned Greater Boston medical sales.

Reduce Downtime: Biomedical Sales and Service

Another benefit of purchasing new or used biomedical equipment is that you can greatly reduce downtime due to broken equipment. If you contact our team for repair of your existing biomedical equipment and the turnaround for repairs is too long, purchasing replacement equipment can be beneficial. Once you get the repaired equipment back, not only will you now have two pieces of equipment for your practice or clinic, but you will have a backup for the future in case one machine is out of service or is undergoing annual services. This is a great way for small practices to grow, providing opportunities to serve more patients and provide consistent quality care.

Contact Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service

If you are interested in learning more about new and used or reconditioned Boston medical sales, make sure to give us a call. We provide services throughout New England and have offices in other states across the country. You can count on the top quality biomedical sales and service offered by Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service. To inquire about opportunities to purchase refurbished medical sales and service, give us a call toll-free at 1-877-995-1117.