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Outsource Required Massachusetts Medical Equipment Servicing

Medical Equipment Servicing Greater Boston AreaOne of the most crucial tasks for medical equipment management is ensuring that completion of all of the required maintenance and inspections is on schedule. A consistent and comprehensive preventive maintenance program can go a long way toward keeping your dental practice, medical office, surgical center, or hospital on track with bio-medical maintenance in Massachusetts. Medical equipment servicing is a proactive approach that can help to prevent costly repairs and replacements by staying on top of manufacturer and industry recommended services. If you can stay on top of regular maintenance for your biomedical equipment, then you can be confident that everything is performing as it should.

How Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service Can Help

If you already work with our company for sales of new and reconditioned equipment or emergency repairs, all you need to do is speak with one of our technicians about engaging in a preventive maintenance program for your biomedical equipment. We know that everyone at your facility, from the physicians and nurses to the administrative department, is busy taking care of patients and business matters on a daily basis. In many cases, there just isn’t time to stay on top of medical equipment management to make sure that all required inspections, maintenance check-ups, and services have been performed. Just think about all of the equipment that you have at your office or clinic. Can you say with all certainty that medical equipment servicing is current for every unit on site?

In addition to performing the required bio-medical maintenance in Massachusetts, Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service also provides our clients with access to our proprietary Client Access Portal. Our team of highly trained and certified technicians is always looking for new ways to improve the professional services that we offer to our clients. The Client Access Portal is a powerful tool that was designed to help our clients stay on top of all servicing, inspections, and repairs to gain better control over medical equipment management. While there are many online tools used by medical equipment servicing programs, the Client Access Portal was custom designed to help us provide our clients with services that are specific to their needs to meet or exceed their expectations.

Some of the options in the portal for our preventive maintenance program include:

  • SERVICE CALLS – clients can view their service history and request new appointments for medical equipment servicing
  • INSPECTIONS – review all previous equipment inspection history and view schedule for upcoming inspections
  • MESSAGES – communicate with our team via the portal
  • PAYMENTS – stay on top of billing and take care of outstanding balances online

Medical Equipment Servicing Simplified

Every service that we provide as part of our preventive maintenance program is designed to simplify the process of medical equipment servicing and to provide administrators, office managers, and physicians with the tools they need for more comprehensive medical equipment management. Our team will take care of everything having to do with your medical facility’s bio-medical maintenance in Massachusetts, whether your equipment needs cleaning, inspection, servicing, repair, lubrication, or emergency services. Stop worrying about your biomedical equipment and sign up for professional preventive maintenance through Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service.

Our services are available for many different types of facilities including:

  • medical practices
  • specialist’s offices
  • treatment centers
  • medical clinics
  • urgent care facilities
  • hospitals
  • surgical centers
  • dental offices
  • dental surgery centers
  • physical therapy programs

Factory Trained, Manufacturer Authorized Services

Our team of technicians has over 60 years of combined service and training on all of the top brands in the medical industry. We are authorized to do factory repairs to maintain warranties for many major brand names and across multiple types of biomedical equipment in the Greater New England area. We are authorized to service autoclave equipment from Amsco, Castle/MDT, MidMark, Pelton & Crane, Statium, and Tuttnauer. Our team can perform preventive maintenance on pulse oximeters from BCI, Burdick, Covidien, Devon, GE, Welch Allyn, and other major manufacturers. Whatever you need for bio-medical maintenance in Massachusetts, Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service can help you to achieve your goals.

Our primary goal is to help keep your medical equipment servicing on track, so you are working at nearly 100 percent capacity. Better medical equipment management comes from having a comprehensive preventive maintenance program from a company that you trust to deliver top quality sales and service. Give us a call toll-free at 1-877-995-1117 or use our online contact form to reach out to our technicians. We can answer any questions that you might have about our services or assist you in the purchase of new or reconditioned biomedical equipment.