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Medical Upholstery Repair and Reconditioned Equipment in New England

Medical Upholstery Repair MassachusettsFirst impressions can mean a lot. However, repeated visits to the same dental or medical office where upholstered chairs and exam tables are damaged and left unrepaired can send a negative message to your patients. Reconditioned equipment and medical upholstery repair is important to a budget-conscious medical practice or clinic. In fact, due to high costs associated with replacing New England medical supply equipment, most facilities turn to Massachusetts service and repair for cracked, torn, or ripped office furniture instead of buying new.

For most offices and clinics, buying new equipment isn’t always a practical solution. It is important to maximize your annual budget and make sure that you have the resources available to purchase additional furniture and equipment from trusted physician sales in New England when needed. Furniture is everywhere in the modern medical or dental office, including the waiting rooms, office areas, exam rooms, treatment rooms, and surgical areas. Instead of replacing old and worn out furniture, medical upholstery repair and replacement can be a more affordable option.

What to Expect

When you contact Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service to discuss your needs for upholstery repair or other types of reconditioned equipment, make sure to state what you need to have done and when you need to have the work completed. We take pride in the work that we do and the services that we provide, whether it is for sales of new and reconditioned New England medical supply equipment or for preventive Massachusetts service and repair. In addition to standard furniture, such as waiting room chairs, office chairs, and extra chairs in exam rooms, we also provide medical upholstery repair services for powered and manual exam tables, as well as other types of upholstered dental and medical treatment equipment.

If you have questions about the process, our team of friendly and helpful customer service agents can provide you with lots of information about our upholstery services for reconditioned equipment. Our team of upholstery experts uses top quality materials and the latest techniques to deliver unmatched results for every piece of furniture and equipment that we work on for our clients. We have many years of experience working with upholstery for dentist chairs, medical exam stools, examination tables, and other essential furniture, restoring it to like-new condition. We can help restore or repair vinyl and leather upholstered furniture to eliminate color fading, tears, rips, scrapes, gouges, scratches, and scuffs. Once the work is complete, your reupholstered furniture will look like new again.

Why Upholstery Services are Important

Outside of working to help your medical or dental office to look it’s very best, there are other reasons to upholster reconditioned equipment. While replacing old and worn furniture and equipment is the most ideal, yet very costly option for any practice; it isn’t always practical. Torn surfaces don’t just look bad. They can allow for the underlying foam padding to become contaminated with bacteria and body fluids during medical exams and treatments. To protect the health and safety of your clients, visitors, and staff make sure to check your upholstered furniture and equipment regularly to make sure it does not need to be repaired or replaced. If you do choose to upgrade your biomedical equipment, make sure to work with Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service for the best medical and physician sales in New England.

Repairs & Reconditioned Equipment

In addition to providing upholstery repair for medical and dental equipment, our team can also offer Massachusetts service and repair for powered and manual exam tables. In fact, we are authorized to work on Brewer, Clinton, Drive Medical, Hausman, MidMark, and UMF manual tables and Boyd, Brewer, MidMark, MTI and Ritter power tables. Some people recommend replacing older hydraulic chairs when the malfunction, but the truth is that much of the older equipment is worth saving because they are easier and more cost-effective to repair than many of the newer medical chairs. Many of the common issues experienced with this type of New England medical supply are simple and quick fixes.

The parts needed to repair reconditioned equipment through professional biomedical service and repair are readily available for most medical chair models. While some manufacturers have stopped producing replacement parts, other brands, including MidMark and Ritter, will often have a very large aftermarket parts division with many of the most commonly needed and used parts still in production. When you contact Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service about your North East USA and Massachusetts service and repair for medical equipment, make sure to provide the brand, model, and serial number, so our team can check on the availability of replacement parts in your area.

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