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Preventive Biomedical Maintenance for Eastern Florida Region

There are two approaches to East Florida medical equipment servicing. One is to provide “reactive” service, which is to call out a team for biomedical maintenance in Florida when your autoclave machine or EKG monitor breaks down. The other is to provide “preventive” services in a carefully designed maintenance program that provides repairs and inspections on a routine basis. The goal of a preventive maintenance program is to avoid more expensive repairs or replacements when the equipment actually breaks. It is also the best way to ensure that your biomedical equipment is functioning accurately, effectively and efficiently for better patient care.

Other Reasons for Preventive Care

When it comes to managing biomedical equipment for your hospital, clinic, practice, or medical center, it is important to stay on top of required annual testing and services. Also, preventive biomedical maintenance in Florida can help you to take control over administrative requirements for equipment servicing. Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Services provides our clients with our proprietary Client Access Portal. Instead of using a standard record-keeping program, we created our own system to better serve our clients.

This innovative tool helps administrators to monitor every aspect of their preventive maintenance program and repairs with our service. Determine what equipment has been serviced and what still needs to be serviced. Keep track of testing and the location of your equipment, whether it is out for service or returned to your location. View service history and request appointments, update your contact information, browse previous and upcoming inspections, send messages and requests to our staff, and view payment history. Our Client Access Portal puts it all at your fingertips to assist you with compliance regulations and bookkeeping.

Preventive Maintenance Saves Money

Compared to a more reactive approach to East Florida medical equipment servicing, a preventive method can save you money. Failures can be very costly to repair and replace. Downtime can be downright dangerous in some situations, requiring loaner equipment to be obtained until new equipment can be purchased. An unexpected failure can cause backups for testing, treatment, and other medical services, putting both employees and patients at-risk. The cost for emergency repair is much more expensive than preventive biomedical maintenance in Florida. Overnight or expedited delivery of parts, overtime costs for technicians, and other rush-related services can add up.

Your best bet is to avoid this type of situation altogether and sign up for a preventive maintenance program with Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service. When your administration’s focus is set squarely on preventing equipment failure instead of simply responding with services for emergencies, you will save money. In addition, you will also save time that might be wasted by employees who are unable to do their job without the proper equipment. Patients may suffer, surgeries and treatments may need to be rescheduled, and all of this reactive maintenance does is ruin your reputation for providing quality care.

Improve Quality of Care

Another major benefit of using a preventive maintenance program is that it makes for a safer working environment. When your staff is concerned with equipment breaking down it creates an unsafe working situation. Workers and patients can become injured, as well as other guests and visitors. Preventive biomedical maintenance in Florida helps to improve the quality of care that you can offer your patients and significantly reduces job-related injuries and accidents for your staff. Properly maintained equipment is also more efficient. The tiny little fixes and adjustments that occur during East Florida medical equipment service can help to extend the life of your equipment.

If you are interested in learning more about the preventive maintenance, annual testing, and services program available through Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service, give us a call toll-free at 1-877-995-1117. Our team can answer any questions that you might have about preventive biomedical maintenance in Florida or at any of our other service areas. Call today and see why so many other physicians, practice managers, hospital administrators, and dental offices trust Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service for all of their East Florida medical equipment servicing needs. Make sure to ask about our other service centers for national biomedical repair, service, and sales. We have expanded to include a wider service area outside of the East Florida region to provide more comprehensive services to our clients.