biomedical repair serviceWhen it comes time to repair, service, maintain, and calibrate biomedical equipment, it is crucial to work with a provider that you can trust. Reliability, accuracy, dependability, and timely are words that should be used to describe the technicians that you work with for all of your medical sales and service needs. Whether you require emergency assistance to repair Welch Allyn equipment, need to reupholster medical exam tables, or need biomedical repair, and preventive services for essential triage equipment, you can count on Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service to help you achieve your goals. We don’t just provide “repair services,” we offer a comprehensive array of options that are designed to meet or exceed the industry standards for quality.

Above and Beyond

Our services have been designed to exceed the guidelines set by NFPA 99, CLIA, JC, and OSHA to ensure that our clients keep their equipment fully operational and that all required documentation for federal inspection is available. So whether you require ongoing servicing, preventive maintenance contracts, or emergency repair of essential biomedical equipment, you can count on our team to get the job done. We offer professional services that include calibrations, electrical safety inspections, and even provide sales opportunities for new and reconditioned equipment. We strive to ensure that our clients can keep all of their biomedical equipment fully operational according to industry and government regulations.

In addition to emergency repair services and preventive maintenance contracts, we also offer additional services that are beneficial to our clients. Medical instrument repair and sharpening services help you to maximize the return on investment for your essential instruments. We also offer inspections that can be used for government requirements but also to ensure quality patient care, including calibration, performance, and certification. When needed and available, we can even offer our customers the use of free loaner equipment to help them continue providing care while waiting for a part or repair to be completed. Veteran owned and operated; we are always looking for new ways to improve the services that we offer to our clients.

Client Access Portal

Another way that we exceed expectations for our clients is by providing them with a powerful tool that they can use to check the status of servicing and repairs for biomedical equipment. You can use the Client Access Portal to view details when we repair Welch Allyn equipment or to see the status of our technician when we reupholster medical exam tables. You can also view the history to see work we have done in the past, including required inspections, servicing, and calibration, as well as scheduled work in the future, as mandated by the healthcare industry and government regulations. This intuitive system provides a complete service history and appointments for biomedical repair, as well as account management tools that can be used to update contact information, view invoices, and send messages to our team.

Instead of using an “off the shelf” standard software system that was designed generically for businesses other than the medical field, we created a proprietary program that offers all of the tools and options you need to stay on top of biomedical repair and servicing. Find out where your equipment is when repairs are expected to be completed, and keep track of inspection and calibration requirements for more thorough record-keeping. We work hard to ensure that our clients have essential data at their fingertips for easy access. We understand the pressure that administrators and office managers are under concerning maintaining records for medical sales and service. Our goal is to ensure that our services will always meet or exceed your expectations and offer you the options you need to achieve your immediate and future goals.

Top Industry Brands

Our team of technicians works with all of the top brand names in the industry to ensure that our clients have the services they require to maintain essential equipment. We offer emergency repair services, loaner equipment opportunities, sales of new and reconditioned equipment, and preventive maintenance services to help you meet all guidelines and regulations. Hyfrecators, ultrasonic cleaners, diagnostic equipment, vital sign monitors, digital scales, microscopes, and hand-held dopplers are just some of the equipment that we service. You can see a full list of the equipment types and brand names we service on our website. We are Gold License certified to repair Welch Allyn equipment and have many years of experience working with all of the other top brands for biomedical repair, medical sales and service.

If a service contract seems more your style, be sure to ask our team about this option. Instead of having to schedule and track all of the required servicing and inspections yourself, our team will set everything up for you to reduce the amount of hands-on work you need to do. You can use the Client Access Portal to check the status of all equipment and stay on top of equipment servicing for improved accuracy and safety. Our ongoing service contracts are very popular for busy practices, clinics, and hospitals that require frequent services for essential equipment. We can also create custom solutions for all of your servicing needs and provide specialty services, including instrument sharpening, calibration, and reupholster medical exam tables. If you would like to learn more about our equipment servicing programs, contact our team by calling toll-free 1-877-995-1117 to be connected with a technician near you.