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Reputable Provider of Required Biomedical Equipment Servicing

Biomedical Equipment Service ProviderDon’t leave the annual testing and services of your biomedical equipment to chance. Before service is needed, take time to find a provider that you can trust for quality medical equipment servicing. There are a lot of options out there, so there’s no need to “settle” for the cheapest estimate for lousy service or pick the first name you find in the phone book. Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service works hard to provide our customers with the best possible service in the realm of ongoing servicing, biomedical calibrations services, preventive maintenance, emergency repairs, and comprehensive biomedical equipment management system services. We go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are properly serviced and have all of the support that they need for industry required and government regulated testing and servicing.

What We Do

At Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service, we offer a wide range of professional services to customers all across the country. Our main office is located in the North East USA region, but we have technicians, sales staff, and other support services available from New York to Southern California and just about everywhere in between. We provide servicing and repair of biomedical equipment to physicians, dental practices, clinics, surgical centers, and hospitals nationwide. Our team of highly-trained and certified biomedical technicians works to deliver comprehensive medical equipment servicing and biomedical calibration services, which are designed to exceed the standard guidelines set by CLIA, JC, NFPA 99, and OSHA.

Our team is authorized and certified to provide annual testing and services, medical equipment servicing, and biomedical calibration services for all of the top brand names in the biomedical equipment industry. We offer emergency repair services and the opportunity to use loaner equipment, when available, to provide consistent patient care and eliminate downtime. In addition, we also offer sales of new and reconditioned equipment to help our customers meet all industry guidelines and government regulations while maintaining their administrative budget requirements. Specialty services are available as well, depending on the unique needs of our clients.

Specialty Services

Most companies that provide medical equipment servicing for biomedical equipment are limited in the scope of the services that they can effectively offer. However, our team of highly trained and experienced technicians has what it takes to deliver a comprehensive biomedical equipment management system that includes services not typically available through most providers. Annual electrical safety testing, annual performance testing, and annual biomedical calibration services are just the beginning. We go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are meeting all requirements for installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, performance, and safe practice for medical facilities, materials, equipment, and appliances, including medical gas and vacuum systems.

We also offer upholstery repair, which can save our clients tens of thousands of dollars in replacement costs for exam tables, dental chairs, medical exam stools, and other essential furniture. A simple torn surface on an exam table or waiting room chair can breed bacteria underneath in the foam padding. Our team has advanced equipment, products, and repair methods designed to assist in the reconditioning of medical furniture and upholstery. We will come to your team to assess and repair your vinyl and leather upholstered furniture to eliminate everything from rips and scrapes to scuffs and scratches, gouges and tears, and even color-fade issues.

Quality, Dependable Biomedical Servicing

At Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service, we work hard to ensure that our entire team is properly trained, ready, and available to assist you in all of your needs for annual testing and services. Our Client Access Portal is a powerful tool that administrators can use to assist with biomedical equipment management system requirements. Ask about our biomedical calibration services and emergency options for medical equipment servicing, in addition to our preventive maintenance service contract programs. All of the services we provide are designed to exceed industry standards and government regulations to ensure that our clients get the best possible care and service from the first call to completion.

Get a FREE quote for any of the services we provide at Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service by calling toll-free 1-877-995-1117. We can answer any questions that you might have about our service and repair programs and can offer information about annual testing and services for your biomedical equipment. To see a full list of the equipment we service and the brand names that we are authorized and certified to repair, visit our website’s Service & Repair page. Our primary goal is to keep our clients’ equipment working at near 100 percent capacity by providing top quality, dependable biomedical equipment services in the United States.