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Scheduled and Emergency Biomedical Equipment Repair Services

emergency biomedical equipment repairWhen an essential piece of biomedical equipment suddenly breaks down, who will you call for service? When it comes time to schedule East Florida medical equipment servicing, as required by the healthcare industry and government regulations, who will you call to do it? Finding a reputable provider for scheduled and emergency biomedical equipment repair before you actually need it is an essential duty of any medical manager or administrator, whether it is for a small practice or sizeable regional hospital. Medical repair services are a necessary party of biomedical equipment management to ensure that everything is running safely, effectively and efficiently. Additional services, such as emergency repairs or biomedical loaner equipment for continued patient care during repair work, are also essential to the continued success of your facility.

Comprehensive Repair Services

Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service provides a wide range of comprehensive services for clients all across the country. Our East Florida medical equipment servicing programs are designed to help keep your equipment up-and-running with as little downtime as possible. We work with physicians, specialists, dentists, surgical centers, urgent care clinics, and hospitals in many states around the nation. Our team of highly trained and effective biomedical technicians has the knowledge and experience necessary to provide the services required to remain compliant with standard guidelines and regulations set by OSHA, JC, CLIA, and NFPA 99.

Our team offers scheduled preventive maintenance programs, repair services, and emergency repair options for all of the top brand names in the business. Our goal is to provide services designed to exceed industry requirements while ensuring that our customers are able to continue taking care of patients and providing necessary services. We also offer sales of new and reconditioned equipment, ongoing service contracts, and other services to best meet the needs of our clients. Whether you need work on your digital thermometers, hyfrecators or power exam tables, you can count on Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service to get the job done.

Why Choose Service Contracts?

There are two ways to handle medical repair services. The first is to engage in a proactive approach, by providing preventive services designed to avoid failures that can lead to expensive emergency biomedical equipment repair and replacement. The second is to take a reactive approach, which involves only contacting an East Florida medical equipment service company when equipment breaks down or is out of compliance. For most administrators, the first approach is the best solution, ensuring that biomedical equipment runs safely, effectively, and efficiently for best results. This works to protect the facility, physicians, staff, and patients from faulty equipment or delays in treatment due to outdated or underperforming machinery.

The regular servicing of biomedical equipment is not just a smart idea, it is required by the healthcare industry and enforced by government regulations. The goal is to ensure that all of the equipment used in patient care and diagnostics is accurate and working effectively. When you work with Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service for scheduled or emergency biomedical equipment repair and servicing, you can have peace of mind that everything will get taken care of according to industry and government regulations. We offer a variety of beneficial tools that help them to stay on top of medical repair services, such as our Client Access Portal and biomedical loaner equipment for emergency situations.

Nationwide Biomedical Sales & Service

Our clients benefit from the top notch customer service and skilled technician servicing that we provide to hospitals, clinics, medical centers, and practices nationwide. Our veteran owned and operated business is dedicated to delivering medical repair services and sales of new and used biomedical equipment to exceed expectations. We are there when you need us, wherever you need us. Our team provides the same quality of East Florida medical equipment servicing, preventing service programs, and emergency biomedical equipment repair in many other states, including Texas, Alabama, Kentucky, California, Arizona, and the New England region. To see our full list of service areas, visit the LOCATIONS page on our website.

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