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Special Services for Medical Equipment Servicing in Kentucky

medical equipment servicing in kentuckyFinding a trusted and reliable source for fixing medical equipment is essential to help keep everything running effectively and efficiently at your medical facility or clinic. Like any other business, the medical industry relies heavily upon B2B services for everything from medical equipment sharpening to upholstery repair. Without these services, hospitals and practices might have to replace necessary equipment more frequently or experience issues with regard to providing quality patient care. We understand how vital your patients are to you and the success of your business, which is why we provide a comprehensive medical equipment service contract and special services designed to ensure you have everything you need for medical equipment servicing in Kentucky and the surrounding area.

Why Choose Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service?

Our many years of experience working in the biomedical equipment sales and servicing industry has helped us to provide top notch customer service to our clients all across the country. Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service was launched in 2002 with the singular goal of providing clients with comprehensive bio-medical equipment services. We provide a wide range of options, including the sale of new and used (reconditioned) equipment, scheduled maintenance, and emergency repair for fixing medical equipment. We are proud of our unmatched customer service from contact to delivery that helps us to keep your medical equipment up-and-running to reduce downtime and ensure industry compliance.

Every member of our team is highly trained and certified to work with all of the top brand names of bio-medical equipment in the business. This helps us to be the best bio-medical service company and offer comprehensive opportunities for medical equipment servicing in Kentucky and all of the areas that we serve. We have expanded our services from our home base in New England to serve customers throughout the states in the Midwest, Southeastern, Southwestern, and Texas regions. We continue to exceed the standard guidelines set by OSHA, JC, CLIA and NFPA 99 to provide exceptional service to our customers. Our team also provides all of the required documentation necessary to support federal inspection requirements.

Medical Equipment Service Contract Opportunities

We are very proud of the services that we offer to support our clients with regard to keeping up with industry guidelines and requirements. Our medical equipment service contract program works to ensure that all equipment is accurate and working effectively. In addition to creating service contracts designed to meet all of the needs of our clients, we also offer the use of our proprietary Client Access Portal to help office managers and administrators keep track of services for bio-medical equipment. We offer our clients ongoing service contracts that can help even the busiest practices, clinics and hospitals stay on top of equipment servicing to improve accuracy and safety across the board.

For a full list of equipment and industry brands serviced by our team at Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service for clients in Kentucky and across the country, visit our SERVICE & REPAIR page and look under Service Contracts. We provide required medical equipment service contract work and emergency services for fixing medical equipment. We can also create custom solutions designed to reduce downtime and meet all of your bio-medical equipment servicing needs.

Special Services for Medical Equipment Servicing

In addition to annual testing and calibration services for performance testing and government requirements, Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service also offers other specialty services designed to help our clients increase safety, efficiency, and effectiveness in the area of patient care. We can provide services designed to address installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, performance, and safe practices for facilities, materials, equipment, and appliances, including medical gas and vacuum systems in all of our service areas.

  • Upholstery Repair – Save money on your annual budget by working with our team to repair or reupholster medical exam tables. We have experience working with manual and power exam tables, as well as medical exam stools, dental chairs, and other office furniture to keep it in top shape. Our advanced equipment, products, and repair processes can help our clients to fix issues like scrapes, scratches, gouges, scuffs, tears, rips, and even color fading. These services can help your furniture to look like new again, prevent bacterial issues from exposed and torn surfaces, and extend the life of your damaged office furniture.
  • Medical Equipment Sharpening – We also offer surgical instrument sharpening and restoration services. Our team can provide these services for a variety of different medical instruments, including clipper blades, Kerrison rongeurs, osteotomes, and surgical scissors. All of the work we provide in this area for medical equipment servicing in Kentucky and our other service areas is carried out by qualified technicians. Each piece is quality inspected, buffed and polished before it is returned to the client.

Interested in our services? Contact Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service if you need help fixing medical equipment on an emergency basis or want to learn more about our medical equipment service contract. We can help with medical equipment sharpening, annual calibrations, government-required testing, and reupholster medical exam tables to ensure that you are providing safe, effective, and efficient patient care. Call today at 1-877-995-1117 to speak with one of our agents about your needs.