Reliable Preventive Care and Repair of Welch Allyn Equipment

welch allyn biomedical equipmentAt Stat-Bio Medical Sales & Service, we are known for our ability to offer top-quality medical sales and service for all of the top biomedical industry brand names and equipment. However, we are particularly proud of our achievement as a Gold License Service provider for Welch Allyn biomedical equipment. These are specialized services for Welch Allyn products that required our technicians to go above and beyond to receive the proper certification necessary to manage and maintain certain supported products. As a result, our technicians are now authorized to perform Gold License Service that includes preventive maintenance, calibration, and repair of Welch Allyn equipment, as well as to offer additional services for several of their top model EKG machines.

Comprehensive Service and Repair

This Gold License Service certification reflects our commitment to offering our clients the very best in preventive and emergency medical sales and service. Quality preventive service programs, along with required inspections, calibration, and testing, are crucial to the success of any medical practice, clinic, or hospital. Not only does this approach help to increase the return on investment for the covered equipment, but it also ensures that the services you provide to your patients will be safe, effective, and efficient. Protecting our clients, their patients, staff, and any visitors to their offices and facilities is our primary goal at Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service.

You can contact our team to schedule Welch Allyn PM service for a comprehensive preventive maintenance program. Whether that means manufacturer recommended services or if it’s time to calibrate a CP150 resting ECG to maximize performance, our team can help you achieve your goals. Because we are trained, certified, and authorized to repair Welch Allyn Equipment -including the coveted Gold License Service – there is no limit to the services that we can provide to our clients. We believe strongly in covering all aspects of biomedical service and repair, including finding ways to help our customers save time and money through our extra services, programs, and tracking software designed with their needs in mind.

What is Gold License Service?

Welch Allyn offers a training course to technicians that provide specialized education for Gold License standard service and repair. This program was designed by the manufacturer to offer increased support to their customers and authorized repair personnel for all updates, upgrades, management, and maintenance for supported Welch Allyn products. Having this Gold License certification is required of any technician that is hired to perform the functional verification and calibration of certain Welch Allyn products. Technicians can only be certified with this additional license directly through Welch Allyn to guarantee the level of quality and professionalism that they require for servicing.

Some of the biomedical equipment that is covered under this Gold License Welch Allyn PM service and repair certification includes the popular Connex Spot Monitor, CVSM 6000, VSM 300 Series, Spot Vital Signs, and Spot LXi Vital Signs products. Other biomedical equipment included is the 420 Spot Vital Signs Monitor, CIWS, and Pro-BP Verification. If you are in need of repair for Welch Allyn equipment of any type, but in particular the models and types listed on our website, contact Stat Bio-Medical Sales & Service for scheduling and pricing information. We can assist you with a wide range of medical sales and service opportunities for Welch Allyn products, as well as all of the top brand names in the medical industry.

Other Welch Allyn Product Services

In addition to the models listed above that fall under the Gold License Service program to repair Welch Allyn equipment, we also offer services for other products as well. Our team of technicians have all been trained and have many years of experience working with a wide range of preventive maintenance, service, calibration, inspection, and repair options for other Welch Allyn products. Our services are designed to meet or exceed industry standard specifications to ensure proper performance, including NFPA 99, CLIA, JC, and OSHA. Some of the Welch Allyn products that we service include emergency CP50 ECG Resting repair, services to repair and calibrate CP150 Resting ECG, and CP150 Resting ECG with Spirometry repair.

If you would like to learn more about our service programs to repair Welch Allyn equipment and other top industry brands, give us a call toll-free at 1-877-995-1117. We can answer any questions that you might have about our medical sales and service opportunities, including preventive maintenance, emergency repair, calibration, inspections, and custom servicing options designed to meet your unique needs and requirements. Our mission is to provide each client with top-quality biomedical services designed to exceed industry standards and expectations. Call today for a FREE quote or to inquire about any of the services that we provide.